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How does acupuncture work from a scientific perspective?

Needling the acupuncture points stimulates the nervous system to release chemicals in the muscles, spinal cord, and brain. These chemicals will either change the experience of pain, or they will trigger the release of other chemicals and hormones which influence the body’s own internal regulating system.

The improved energy and biochemical balance produced by acupuncture results in stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities, and promoting physical and emotional well-being.

There are three main mechanisms of action:

  1. Conduction of electromagnetic signals: Western scientists have found evidence that acupuncture points are strategic conductors of electromagnetic signals. Stimulating points along these pathways through acupuncture enables electromagnetic signals to be relayed at a greater rate than under normal conditions. These signals may start the flow of pain-killing biochemicals, such as endorphins, and of immune system cells to specific sites in the body that are injured or vulnerable to disease.
  2. Activation of opioid systems: Research has found that several types of opioids may be released in the central nervous system during acupuncture treatment, thereby reducing pain.
  3. Changes in brain chemistry, sensation and involuntary body functions: Studies have shown that acupuncture may alter brain chemistry by positively changing the release of neurotransmitters and neurohormones. Acupuncture also has been documented to affect the parts of the central nervous system such as immune reactions and processes whereby a person’s blood pressure, blood flow and body temperature are regulated.

How long are treatment sessions?

The first session is about 1½ hours, which includes going over your health history and the first treatment. Follow-up sessions are about 45 minutes.

Can I be sure that acupuncture will help me?

As with any other medical modality, acupuncture sometimes does not help. If you do not feel any benefit after 4-6 treatments, then acupuncture may not work for you.

What can acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture is recognized by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) as effective in treating these conditions:

Addiction-alcohol, drug, smoking
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Chronic fatigue
Common cold
Dental pain
Digestive trouble
Emotional problems
Eye problems
Facial palsy/tics
Irritable bowel syndrome
Low back pain
Menstrual irregularities
Morning sickness
Reproductive problems
Seasonal effective disorder (SAD)
Shoulder pain
Sleep disturbances
Smoking cessation
Sore throat
Tennis elbow
Trigeminal neuralgia
Urinary tract infections
Wrist pain

Is acupuncture safe?

One of the great advantages of acupuncture is the absence of serious side effects. A rare complication of treatment is a small bruise or a drop of blood when the needle is removed. Your acupuncturist has been trained in Clean Needle Technique and has passed the nationally recognized Clean Needle Technique exam required for state licensure.

Does insurance cover acupuncture?

Some insurance does, but you need to check with your insurance plan. We will give you the proper insurance form that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

What areas do you cover?

AcupunctureOne, LLC offers evidence-based acupuncture services to the following communities:

  • Appleton
  • Green Bay
  • Shawano
  • Waupaca
  • Oshkosh
  • Greenville
  • Fox Valley Communities
  • Fox Cities

Do you have free consultations?

Yes, you can always call or email us with questions or schedule a free consultation if you would like to meet James Rodowca, MSOM, L.Ac. in person.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments necessary depends on the condition being treated. Generally, the longer you have been ill or the more severe the condition, the more treatments will be needed.

Is acupuncture painful?

Naaah! Acupuncture is not at all like getting an injection or taking blood. All needles are ultra-thin, pre-sterilized, and disposable, only being used once. Most patients do not report any discomfort from acupuncture needles. If at any time you are uncomfortable, your needles can be adjusted or removed. Your comfort is our priority.

What is treatment like?

Most patients find the treatment very relaxing, which brings on a feeling of well-being. Most are surprised at how comfortable they are during treatment and how easily the needles are placed. Some people even go to sleep during treatment. A patient may feel a slight sensation upon needle entry and then pressure of a “dull” or “surging” reaction when the needle reaches the “Qi” (“chee”) or correct point.