Our Charmed far infrared mats can be requested as an additional free, unique enhancement to your acupuncture treatments providing exceptional relaxation and wellness benefits. Many of our clients have fallen in love with the deep, soothing heat these mats utilize to create a relaxing and healing experience.

Due to popular request we now offer them for purchase so you can immerse yourself daily in the restorative experience these mats provide. In a world filled with constant stress and activity, these mats offer unmatched convenience and simplicity. Once put on the back of a chair, users can work or relax while the mat does its work without adding any complicated or tedious tasks to their schedule. All you have to do is sit, turn it on, and experience it’s extensive benefits.

Because we want to offer access to as many people as possible to this surprisingly comfortable and innovative mat, those who are not clients can come in to try before you buy. Due to their popularity, please call ahead to ensure availability for your free trial session.


Reduces Stress and Fatigue
The gentle warmth of the far infrared rays helps to sooth nerves and relax tight or knotted muscles by heating the muscle fibers. The end result is an improvement in the balance of blood pressure, blood sugar and nutrients in the cells resulting in increased muscle strength, mental stability and improved energy.

Eases Joint Pain and Stiffness

Far infrared heat therapy is widely used to treat patients who are suffering from many kinds of arthritic and musculoskeletal disorders. In addition, it has been proven effective in the treatment of sprains, neuralgia, bursitis, muscle spasms, joint stiffness and many other musculoskeletal ailments by increasing the growth of cells, DNA and protein synthesis necessary for tissue repair and regeneration. Stiffness, aches and soreness that come with aging are reduced or eliminated using far infrared therapy.

Relieves Pain and Chronic Inflammation
The deep penetrating heat of the far infrared therapy helps peripheral blood vessels dilate, bringing relief and healing to the muscles and soft tissue injuries. Increased blood circulation carries away metabolic waste products and delivers oxygen-rich blood to depleted muscles so they recover faster.

Improves Immune System Function
Far infrared rays’ deeply penetrating heat raises body temperature, inducing an artificial and healthy fever, which promotes the killing of many pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. As the body works to combat the “fever,” the body’s immune system is activated and strengthened by increasing production of white blood cells. Combined with the detoxification of harmful toxins and waste products, one’s overall health and resistance to stress.

Burns Calories and Controls Weight
As one relaxes in the gentle heat of the far infrared mat, one’s body is actually hard at work, producing sweat, pumping blood and burning calories. According to a Journal of the American Medical Association report, a single far infrared session burns as many calories as rowing or jogging for 30 minutes.

Improves Circulation & Cardiovascular Function
Far infrared therapy raises body temperature, warming the blood and expanding the blood vessels. This creates an increase in peripheral blood flow and volume, resulting in improved circulation and heart function, as well as oxygenation.



Charmed FIR Mat Construction

Click to enlarge for mat layer descriptions.

Using heated crushed tourmaline and amethyst these mats provide a radiant heat that is effective up to 6 inches within the body. Amethyst has been shown to be especially gentle and effective at using infrared energy effectively, enhancing the heat and crystal therapy experience.

Both negative ions and infrared heat go into the body through the thick layer of natural amethyst crystals covering the surface of the mat’s construction. Amethyst crystal refraction organizes the far infrared light and negative ions into patterns with the highest biocompatibility and healing effects.
When used at higher temperatures, far infrared therapy can create a false fever in the body with its deeply penetrating heat from four to six inches into the body. A fever stimulates the immune system into producing more white blood cells, antibodies, and a protein called interferon, all of which work to protect your body against harmful microorganisms. All animals use fevers to strengthen their immune system when they are ill.

By definition, a fever is simply any elevated temperature, which is higher than what is normal for you. Just a one or two degree increase can produce very healing effects. Fever also increases the metabolism.

Amid all this activity, your circulation is increased, stimulating natural detoxification, thus increasing your metabolism.
The deeply penetrating heat is very relaxing and soothes stressed muscles and reduces pain and inflammation.
The negative ions naturally generated by the amethyst are purported to produce a calming effect and help one get a good nights sleep.


  • Available in two sizes: 20″ X 31″ and 26 1/2″ X 71″
  • 17 layer durable and flexible construction for long life
  • 20″ X 31″ Mat features 6.5 pounds of crushed crystals
  • Cotton and polyester outer fabric
  • Waterproof second layer fabric
  • Soft backing
  • Includes carrying case
  • FDA Certified



30 Day money back guarantee if not 100% satisfied
Two year warranty against malfunction


If your interested in joining those of our clients who have added this effortless way to unwind into their daily schedules, give us a call!
We’d love to discuss them further with you.

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